Hi, Welcome to my Cake Decoration Course level 1. I hope this course help you to get some knowladges in Cake Decoration. I  will be updating this page as often as I can, in the meanwhile ple
  1.  Baking and Cake Decoration Level 1, A New Stage in My Life
  2. My First Icing Class
  3. How to Make Royal Icing
  4. Buttercream Recipes:  Decorator's Buttercream Icing, Buttercream Icing
  5. Easy Cake Recipes: Moist Yellow Cake, Butter Sponge Cake, Venezuelan Black Cake, Trinidadian Black Cake
  6. Using Dummies for Cake Decoration
  7. Piping Roses in Icing (Mother's Day Cake)
  8. Basketweave Technique
  9. Character Cake (Drop star techniques)
  10. Icing the cake with  Buttercream
  11. Petunias in Royal Icing
  12. Gum Paste Recipes 1
  13. Fondant Recipe


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