Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Petunias in Royal Icing

In this opportunity we are going to make a square shape cake and decorate it with Petunias, vains and leaves, as you see in the picture above. The Petunias and the rest of the decoration were made in Royal Icing, check recipe here.

I made my Royal Icing and I added some color, you can find petunias in any imaginable color, well a pick this blue, that was the combination of 1/2 tooth pick of blue in about 2 cups of white icing. Mix it very well with the spatula.

I made about 10 petunias, I was practicing and I picked the best 3 for my decoration.

Here I am bringing you a video that I found in YouTube, personally I found that the explanation is very good, and it also  will help me to improve my technique. My petunias are not that bad, but her petunias are perfect. I think I will watch this video at least three times before I go and practice. Remember, to get it right you have to practice and practice and practice. This video is from

Here all the cakes from my Decoration Class, the fist two were made by me. I hope you enjoy the creeativity of our group.

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  1. Me encanto tu post primita, cada vez estas haciendo y creando tortas mas hermosas!! Sigue asi, sigue adelante!! Besos, tqmmm



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