Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eating Phoulorie and Sahiena in Savanha Park

A while ago, I went to the Queen's Savanah Park in Port of Spain, with my son and husband, wee do not go out often, so that made this occasion memorable.
I carried my camera with me to take some pick of the street food that you can find around the Savannah, real Trinidadian food, more Indian style, like phoulorie and sahiena. We stop ed by the Phoulorie man and buy some to go.

It is nice to see that  here you do not need much to make business as long as you have your food batch and a permit to place your stand (temporary) on the Savannah park. all food is fresh made right there in front of your eyes. Check the advertising above....
Sajina & Polourie

Phoulorie, just coming out from the fryer.

Phoulorie with some mango sauce, yummy!!!


If you cannot come to the Queen's Savanah Park in Trinidad, but you  want to enjoy these Trinidadian treats, check our recipes here.

Trinidad food

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