Sunday, October 16, 2011

Put it in a box

Hi, I was checking some wonderful cakes and cupcakes websites and I found that some of them deliver the cakes and cupcakes in beautiful boxes. You know, it is not the plain white box that everybody is accustom to get from the bakery next door. These people, a new generation of bakes and entrepreneurs, are taking in consideration the WOW factor in the presentation of their product.

11-Bite Cake Bites

You can click in each picture and you will be taken to the website of each of the owner of the boxes.

Monogram Custom Decorations

For this Christmas bake some cupcakes, bars, cookies or just make something with your hands and put it in a beautiful box as a present, you can buy the box or you can make it and put some beautiful tags, you can see some free tags here, use it for your presents and favours.

The I just could not resist to put this picture here, it is so beautiful,  even the box is a present.

I love these boxes, very colorful, you can make them and use them to give to your guest in your party.

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