Sunday, September 11, 2011

Romantic Cake

My very own "Sweet Heart" Cake

Hi, It has been a while since the last time that  I wrote in my blog. Things have been busy around here. I finished my Cake Decoration classes. I was struggling with the Gum Paste flowers, we had an exam and an exhibition.

We were requested to make basically three (03) cakes, one decorated with Butter cream, one decorated with Royal icing and another with fondant. We had about one week to prepare everything. The exhibition was last July 30, 2011. You may think that one week is more than enough, but when you reach home at 6:30 everyday and have to see a baby and the house, then you soon realize that you do not have one week.

Let me tell you that was stressful. My oven had the thermostat damaged and I found that when I was baking, so I got some burned cakes after 15 minutes in the oven, and baking at 10 pm. So imagine, how frustrating and painful it was. Finally I made my cakes and I was ready for the exhibition. that's important.

I was very much under stress that I went to my books to get inspired because my mind was in blank to create anything new, from the book Romantic Cakes by Peggy Porschen  I got some ideas and I started to decorate my cake.

I made my own version of one of the cake "American Sweet Heart"  You can see below.

American Sweet Heart by Peggy Porschen

I love Peggy's work, it is first romantic, well done and it is not complicated. She has wrote three books, Pretty Cakes, Romantic Cakes and  Beautiful Cakes. If you like romantic, beautiful and colorful cakes her books are excellent to get inspiration.

I did not make the heart in flowers due to the lack of time. Next time I will try to put more details. People see a cake and they do not think how many our take to finish a cake that you will eat in seconds, my small cake took me like 3 hours, from the time that I started to make the fondant to the time that I said, no more, I finish, let's go ... Decorate a cake is not "a piece of cake".

My work below.

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  1. Oh wow your cake is lovely. It's admirable that you succeeded despite the obstacles of the broken thermostat. Good for you:-)



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