Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saint Valentine's Day ... Romance is in the Air

We are very close to February, the month of love as people say.
 Every where I go I can see hearts red and pink, chocolates and every thing that reminds me that soon it is time to celebrate Cupid's adventures on Earth.

Then I think, where is my Valentine? and I realize that I married him and we have the most beautiful baby boy. The  roses, the chocolates, the pink and red things disappeared from the map. It is sad to say.

I have realized that is not being married, having a baby, or  routine that kills the romance. The romance killer for me is ... WORK. When you are in a committed relationship, married or not, and you want to "build your dreams" one usually work more,  that means more working hours, multiple jobs or also working during the holidays and weekends.  At times the relationship may  become almost zero, and every body is too busy  and tired at the end of the day.   Cupid is gone, there is no more time for romance, as my my husband says "living in the tired zone".

Some people think that this is only a commercial day, they may be right, but it is the perfect day to celebrate your love and relationship. You have all the excuses to celebrate and  improve it, so stop thinking that you are too busy,  you don't have time, and the romance is gone. Bring back the romance , it will not come to your life in a mail order. You have to create it and  take advantage of all those red, cute,  and romantic things that you see in the stores, buy some of the stuff and create your own day, for both of you to celebrate.

This  February, I am inviting to all you busy bodies to get some time off for yourself. I will do it myself.
I plan to celebrate Cupid's adventures next month regardless of my busy schedule. I invite you to do the same, not only in February but the rest of the year.

Romance... yes, I need some of that, so I will prepare that day in advance. This is my plan of action:
  • I will arrange in advance the baby sitting of my son for that day.
  • I will clean the house, but I will not kill myself doing that.
  • I will set my table in a very romantic way... yes,  red and pink roses in a short vessel. I saw one at Martha Stuart web site, I love it, not too feminine, so my husband will feel comfortable with it, because this is his day too. You can check  Martha Stuart web site for instructions and more ideas.
  • z
  • I will plan my menu (check my Saint Valentine's Day Menu) and stick with the plan - easy, affordable, good looking, sexy and tasty  (Food somehow  can wake-up the passion).
  • I will cook for fun and not because it is routine. I will play my favorite music (gaitas venezolanas, Search for gaitas venezolanas) while I cook, because I want to feel happy and I will invite my husband to give me a hand, but only that because he will take over of the cooking.

  • I will chose the drinks that we like, even if I will be drinking wine and he will be drinking beer.
  • I will not buy a present. He does not have to do the same but I will write a note with things that I love about him.
  • I will not argue with him... I promise. I will not think about sad things on  that day.
  • The two days before Valentine's Day, I will think about  the positive things about my husband.  I will ask him to do the same.
  • I will serve the food in my favorite china, that I always use for other special occasion... because this is a special occasion too.
  • I will use my new set of wine glasses.
  • I will be relax.
  • I will dress for the occasion, and I will invite him to dress up even if we spend the night at home.
  • I will tell  my husband that I LOVE HIM.
  • I will enjoy myself with my life partner that day.
  • I will dance with him.
  • I will feel sexy, think sexy and behave sexy...'
  • I will play the music that we love - I will dance for him as before - some Buda bar music (Search for buda bar), sexy and chic, he will love it.

  • I will kiss him a lot...
  • I will make the dessert time very special... I may chose for something sexy like fruits and ice cream with melted chocolate... Yummy!! and sexy.

This is the plan... I have to think now about my menu.

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