Saturday, November 27, 2010

COCADAS “THE DRINK” by Ingris Peña

This recipe is pretty helpful to enjoy great moments in summer time. For Venezuelans it is very common, but no in the rest of the world. It becomes a great tool to socialize with my husband’s family in Brazil. It is unbelievable that in Rio de Janeiro, people do not know that drink. And trust me, they just loved it. We even thought in selling it in the beach.

1 Cup of cut coconut
1 Glass of milk
As much ice and sugar as you like
Cinnamon and condense milk (if you like)
A lot of love

Way to prepare it:
Blend the coconut, milk, ice and sugar, until everything is perfectly mixed. When you serve it, cinnamon and condense milk could be added on the top of each glass.

There are people that instead of a glass of milk, they use a glass of coconut water and two spoons of powder milk. You could even add rum or any dry alcoholic drink. It is up to you! However, what you cannot miss is the tons of love, no matter how you make it.

First time, make it simple, after you can use your imagination to adapt the recipe, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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  1. tomorrow I am preparing "arepas" for my Carioca family. I will let you know about my experience...



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